About OwnAmerica

Leading Brokerage in the Single Family Residential Space

We create powerful tools and services for serious rental property investors. Our focus is on the owner. How much is your portfolio worth? Are you growing or exiting? Do you have the right financing, insurance, renovation, maintenance and property management services?

Over the last five years, the level of service and professionalism in the Single Family Rental, or SFR, industry has made a quantum leap forward. OwnAmerica has been at the vanguard of this revolution to institutionalize America's greatest asset class. Things are possible today that weren't just a few years ago. If you need it, and we don't do it, we have partners who do.

It's a great time to be alive and investing in the US housing market.

Our Team

The leaders, innovators, and visionaries behind OwnAmerica

Greg Rand, Founder & CEO | OwnAmerica
Greg Rand, Founder & CEO
Greg@OwnAmerica.com   |   914-755-1455

OwnAmerica is a leading provider of acquisition, disposition and advisory services to institutional investors in the single family real estate market. Prior to founding OwnAmerica, Greg was managing partner at Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, a regional real estate brokerage, where he grew revenues from $7M to over $50M in 7 years through M&A, and vertical expansion into the mortgage, title insurance, new construction marketing, commercial and REO businesses.

Adam Stern, President & CEO | OwnAmerica
Adam Stern, President
Adam@OwnAmerica.com   |   914-906-5847

Previously, Adam was been President of a real estate investment and advisory firm he started, providing tax advantaged investment strategies for commercial real estate investors. Adam has spent the last sixteen years in various Business Development and leadership roles within the real estate investment and financial services industries.

Jason Wandersee, CFO | OwnAmerica
Jason Wandersee, CFO
Jason@OwnAmerica.com   |   914-755-1455

Jason has a strong background in executive leadership, sales and finance - leading organizations as CEO, President, COO, and CFO. Jason has broad industry expertise from manufacturing, telecommunications, med-tech, software, consumer products, etc. Jason has successfully delivered results - starting up a successful venture-backed company and turning around 2 companies and successfully selling them to strategic buyers - yielding exceptional returns for the investors. He is an investor and Board member of several private companies.

Larry Gebman, VP of Product | OwnAmerica
Lawrence Gebman, VP of Product
Larry@OwnAmerica.com   |   914-755-1455

Larry has held a number of positions from CTO, Solutions Architect, and several product leadership roles. In his 20 years tenure he has lead large multinational teams to design, develop, deliver and manage software solutions across every vertical for large and small customers. While working for Aon and Capgemini he was instrumental in launching new businesses that added hundreds of millions of revenue to the bottom line. His passion for developing products led him to work for several smaller organizations in real estate, finance, and marketing technology companies to launch a series of B2C and commerce products.

Gerad Troje, VP of Engineering | OwnAmerica
Gerad Troje, VP of Engineering
Gerad@OwnAmerica.com   |   914-755-1455

Prior to joining OwnAmerica, Gerad has developed numerous innovative software solutions for large organizations including enterprise back office solutions for Convergys and Aon. His breadth of experience in real estate spans across disciplines from sales associate through the VP of Engineering with a technology startup. Gerad holds a Master of Science degree in Change Management and a Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems from the University of Central Florida.